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And You Thought Work Was Dangerous

I took my nine-year-old daughter skiing this week. It was a very busy weekend and I was scared to death! I have done a lot of ski mountaineering but very little downhill skiing, so I was not used to the crowds. People were zipping all around us at high speeds and many of them appeared to be out of control.

There was a period in my past when I lived in ski resort towns for over ten years. Back then, many of my friends were professional ski patrollers. From talking to them, and through my own 20 yearsí experience as a paramedic, I know what bad things can happen when two bodies collide at twenty miles per hour. People get hurt.

So I was especially careful with my daughter. I made sure she wore her helmet and was very forceful with my instructions that she must make a lot of turns to stay in control and not get going too fast I also told her to watch out for other people. They may not see her, be in control or be able to stop.

Face it: there is potential danger on a ski hill. Letís take that same situation into the workplace. Imagine hundreds of people running around or riding bicycles in your plant or worksite. They are zipping by you at speeds ranging from two to thirty mph. They may or may not be in control ó you donít know. And they may or may not even see you ó you donít know. This behavior would not be allowed at your workplace. Maybe thatís why there are more injuries off the job than on the job.

Donít get me wrong, Iím not saying that you shouldnít go skiing. It is a great sport. Itís important to realize, however, that smashed bones hurt just as much off the job as on the job. Use caution when participating in everything you do both on and off the job.

The reason Iím writing this is that a beautiful seven-year-old girl died on the ski hill the day before my daughter and I were on the slopes. The girl was wearing a helmet when she skied into a tree, but it wasnít enough to protect her. This showed me once again that a fun, exciting family outing can turn into tragedy in the blink of an eye.

Make safety a priority in everything you do.


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Martin Lesperance

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Martin Lesperance is a fire fighter/paramedic and is the author of the best selling book, "I Won't be in to Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play" and "Kids for Keeps - Preventing Injuries to Children". Martin delivers keynote presentations and seminars dealing with injury prevention and wellness. To order the books or for more information on the presentations, call 403-225-2011 or email

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