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Martin Lesperance has written books and produced audio programs on safety in the workplace and safety in the home. Industrial safety is a critical topic for his corporate clients. Worker injuries account for a large part of employee benefit costs. Thus, fire safety, home safety and even school safety have become vital ingredients for a healthy corporate bottom line. So, let Martin’s books and tapes improve your corporate well being by providing a healthy dose of home and workplace tips as well as information to help prevent employee injuries and accidents.

So, keep your employees where they should be - on the job. Order from Martin’s library today! Just click on the titles to uncover the books and/or tapes you need to boost your employee safety. After all, a healthy employee is a productive one!

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"Safety Tips That Can Save Your Butt"
-Life Saving Advice From A Firefighter Paramedic
"I Won't Be In To Work Today"
-Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play
"Kids For Keeps"
- Preventing Injuries to Children
"What Do You Mean I'm Stressed"
- Recognizing and Managing Your Stress
"A Cat Has Nine Lives, But You Don't"
Nine Tips That Can Keep You Alive, Healthy And Productive

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martin lesperance, firefighter, paramedic, safety speaker
Martin Lesperance

speaker, best selling author

Martin Lesperance is a fire fighter/paramedic and is the author of the best selling book, "I Won't be in to Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play" and "Kids for Keeps - Preventing Injuries to Children". Martin delivers keynote presentations and seminars dealing with injury prevention and wellness. To order the books or for more information on the presentations, call 403-225-2011 or email

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