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I Won't be in to Work Today!

Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play

More people are injured off the job than on the job. This can decrease your organization's competitiveness. If you are self-employed, an injury can financially ruin you. Martin's talk will help make you more aware that safety should be a twenty-four hour concern.

Martin uses real-life situations with stories of emergency incidents he has attended. Some are very serious; others are unbelievable, but believe them, because they really did happen.

The audience will learn:

  • Why We Must "Think Before We Act"
  • If You Notice a Dangerous Situation, Fix It Now!
  • The Ripple Effect Of Injuries
  • Why Unsafe equals Selfish
  • Why We Wear "PPE"
  • Accidents Aren't "Just One Of Those Things"
  • That safety should be a 24 hour concern
  • Even a small fall can have devastating results

This talk has made safety a priority for thousands of employees.


martin lesperance, firefighter, paramedic, safety speaker
Martin Lesperance

speaker, best selling author

Martin Lesperance is a fire fighter/paramedic and is the author of the best selling book, "I Won't be in to Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play" and "Kids for Keeps - Preventing Injuries to Children". Martin delivers keynote presentations and seminars dealing with injury prevention and wellness. To order the books or for more information on the presentations, call 403-225-2011 or email

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